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What can politicians’ wives teach us about marriage?

October 16, 2009 0 comments

I don’t have any strong political views because I don’t like politics, but on Sunday morning in Covent Garden as I cycled on a bike at the gym, I watched Hillary Clinton’s live press conference on the TV monitor. At 10.15 am on a Sunday morning, Mrs Clinton was elegantly dressed, brisk, businesslike and full…

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Coping with divorce, part three. Keep on moving!

October 12, 2009 1 comment

This is the third post in a new series about coping with divorce. I have previously described how important it is to keep your mind healthy when you are getting divorced, but what about your physical health? The Mental Health Foundation stresses the benefits of exercise for mild to moderate depression.Your body is your temple, so get…

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Coping with divorce, part one. Where’s your head at?

October 5, 2009 0 comments

How do I help clients to cope with divorce? Although my remit is legal, I consider my clients’ wellbeing to be extremely important. There are depressing studies which show correlations between divorce and serious illness. An optimistic outlook, meanwhile, has been linked to health benefits including a reduced risk of diabetes and heart disease. One…

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Prenuptial agreements and the High Holy Days: food for thought

September 30, 2009 1 comment

Prenuptial agreements are in the news again, and last Wednesday I had a conference at our Cheshire offices with Richard Todd QC. He is the lawyer who successfully persuaded the Court of Appeal to uphold the entirely one-sided prenuptial agreement in the Radmacher v Granatino case.

Why I gave the city a miss by Fiona Geldart

September 25, 2009 2 comments

Obtaining a training contract is never going to be an easy task, especially during this difficult economic time. In this post, I seek simply to make readers realise that although times are tough and jobs in the legal profession may be harder to come by than they used to be, there is light at the end of the tunnel and that big city firms are not necessarily the place to be anymore. Fiona Geldart is undertaking her training contract at Stowe Family Law LLP.

A bride and tested formula for mass entertainment

September 23, 2009 1 comment

In Living TV’s “Four Weddings”, the first series of which has just ended, a quartet of brides was asked every week to vote on each other’s dress, venue, food and overall presentation. The couple whose wedding was judged the best won an expenses-paid honeymoon.