Transcript International Divorce Advice: Living Overseas and in Spain

In Spain, divorce proceedings may not be the same as they would be in England.

In England, the proceedings would be conducted in English. They are very timetabled. The disclosure requirements are very strict and the outcome may be very different. You might do far better here in England than you would in Spain.

But the thing is that you have to issue proceedings very quickly because wherever the proceedings are issued first is where the proceedings then get heard. There’s a race, and it’s the first out of the starting blocks.

If you are in the EU, your marriage is breaking down and you think that you need advice on jurisdiction, which is the best court of you, you must take advice. Not only from the foreign lawyer in the country where you’re living but also here to see whether it’s possible to proceed here.

It’s not easy but if you can proceed here, it might be the best thing for you.

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