Types of trust – and a touch of Christmas spirit

December 9, 2011 4 comments

Covent Garden is terrible for traffic jams and my taxi was stuck outside the Garrick Club earlier this week. Although the establishment is notorious for not admitting women, it is also famous for its associations with the great and the good of the arts world. Charles Dickens was a member and kept his offices nearby….

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The Experts: Maintenance law must be clarified

August 12, 2011 13 comments

The Experts - The Times

This is my latest post for The Times, which appears on The Experts blog. Spousal maintenance is the most contentious area in family finance. Ex-husbands bitterly resent paying it and ex-wives fight tooth and nail to keep it. It is a tax-free income that some see as a continuing windfall and others a hard-earned necessity….

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What happens to an inheritance in the event of divorce?

May 18, 2011 15 comments

inheritance divorce

When a spouse’s wealth has been inherited rather than earned, it cannot be regarded in any sense as truly “matrimonial”. So if the couple divorces, to what extent should one party share in the assets of the other? This is an area of the law frequently highlighted by advocates of legislation for prenuptial agreements. They…

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When divorce costs spiral, where does the responsibility lie?

February 4, 2011 6 comments

divorce costs

My own experience in everyday practice has been that divorce costs are increasing and, in certain cases, have indeed got out of control. In addition, there remains a lack of appetite at times for the court itself to enforce its own direction orders. Time frames ordered are slipping without a costs penalty. There also appear to be a greater number of cases which are contested to a final hearing than previously. These factors, if not just local but reflected across the country, may well indicate that a more “root and branch” reform of our law on divorce is now required.