Children in foster care deserve better say MPs

children in care

The government should conduct a thorough review of the overstretched care system, the Commons Education Committee has claimed.

In a new report, the MPs also call for children in foster placements to be given more information on their placement and for greater efforts to be made to keep siblings who have been taken into care together in single placements.

Other issues highlighted by the Committee include placement breakdowns and how these might be minimised through government intervention, along with the pressing need to recruit more foster carers.

Education Committee Chair Robert Halfon MP said:

“The foster care system is under significant pressure and yet this is an area of arguably greatest need. Foster children are some of the most vulnerable young people in our society but many are currently being failed by a care system which doesn’t meet their needs. Foster children shouldn’t face the prospect of a dizzying number of placements nor should they be excluded from decisions about their future. Efforts need to be redoubled to place children with their siblings.”

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Samantha - December 29, 2017 at 12:31pm

Siblings should always be kept together. If local authorities done there Legal duty of the process.
By putting the wording RISK they can bypass part A,B,C for example working with families,filling out paperwork and risk assessments so by putting the Risk of future harm they can take it to court even when there has only been 1 visit especially if mother and father are expecting a newborn baby, the siblings are devided and what we know now to be “PURCHASE PLACEMENTS “ of newborn babies.
Parents are no longer gullible into the social services “best interest of the child “ in the uk child protection has become a NATIONAL disgrace the only thing that the uk is known for is stealing children, what a great Legacy for all our ancestors and families that’s fought wars funded by our own governments.
Forced adoption is illegal in any other country MPS were begged by families and government bodies they have a duty of care also to the public by telling them about the PRO BONA bar however they don’t. I will advise any parent hit record at all times,you do not have to let ss over your doors and never trust a sw. Also if adoptions has been done on one of your children and you were not informed,immediately seek help (there are groups available) because not all solicitors will tell you and most don’t except legal aid. Keep everything safe, (not at your home or nearest relatives) don’t let ss know what you have or haven’t got.
Grandparents- you can apply for a SGO or kinship order (however social Services will charge you for a assessment around £500-£700 pounds. Apply immediately to the higher courts,take it out of the jurisdiction if you have to. local authorities will say in some cases all family has been looked at (which 65% of the time is lies) Scotland’s been the first to introduce more SGO orders where grandparents are able to look after their grandchildren. Ask for ALL paperwork to be disclosed during the hearings,most don’t get told by social services as to why they have issued Court proceedings, never mind your own legal. 78% on a poll said they didn’t understand why eg 3 siblings had different case numbers,this is to confuse parents and contact with your children . BY LAW social Services cannot simply stop your contact they have to go to a Emergancy hearing for this,if they stop your contact take it back to Court. If you notice there reports are different from your account or family (if lucky enough to meet them) challenge it ,if the judge refuses this or your Evidence take it to a higher court. DONT HANG AROUND,
This is part of the problem why “litigants “ as it was said (a person self representing) is jamming the Court up” it’s simply because innocent parents/grandparents and especially protected parties are not being told the legal barriers and what it means.

Dr. Manhattan. - December 29, 2017 at 6:03pm

“Efforts need to be redoubled to place children with their siblings.”

splitting families up is bad enough but splitting the siblings into different foster homes is even worse causing Psychological harm to those cut off from their family members. PTSD is a real problem set to get worse and its perpetuated by the Wreckless actions of Local Authorities, and Judges who really couldnt give a Damn about anyone else but their own Fortunes. Human Life has no value to these people which is exactly why they should not be in those Jobs.

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