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A claim that UK services company Capita discriminated against a new father has reached the Employment Appeal Tribunal.

Madassar Ali’s wife developed postnatal depression after giving birth, and was encouraged to return to work as part of her recovery. This would mean Madassar becoming the stay-at-home parent for a period. The family hoped to take advantage of the recently introduced right to shared parental leave.

But when Mr Ali’s employers said they would only offer him two weeks’ paternity pay, compared to the 14 that would be available to his wife, he began legal proceedings.

After a tribunal ruled his favour in June, saying the father had not given his full rights, Capita launched the current appeal. The eventual outcome could set a binding precedent for parental pay.

Mr Ali works in a call centre.

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D - December 22, 2017 at 10:13am

Expect a Capita victory in the end. They are the un-elected, legally intertwined back-office entity that runs the country behind the scenes. They will be able to set the law going into the future. Get used to it, just like parts of Sheffield are getting used to a-mey treeless future.

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