£6 million for Family Drug and Alcohol Courts

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Pioneering courts for families with dependency problems are to receive more than £6 million in new funding.

Family Drug and Alcohol Courts (FDACs) are designed to assist parents struggling with drinking problems or drug addictions, and work in a different way to regular courts. A single judge is allocated to each family as their case proceeds and social workers receive special training in addiction. The families involved also have access to therapists.

FDACs have been noted for their success at keeping troubled families together and preventing the loss of children to the care system.

The system will now receive£ 6.2 million for further expansion and development over the next seven years, the government has announced. It claims around 2,400 individuals will benefit from the new funding.

The announcement forms part of a broader package of funding for programmes tackling addictions of various kinds and helping children in care. Nine other projects will receive a share of £16 million, with an additional £37.6 million from 36 different local authorities.

Minister for Sport and Civil Society Tracey Crouch said:

“This funding will benefit some of the most vulnerable people in society and provide vital support to help them transform their lives.”

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