Kenyan politician’s daughter demands DNA test


The daughter of a prominent politician in Kenya has called for a DNA test after he cast doubt on whether or not she was really his daughter.

The comments followed the politician’s acrimonious divorce from her mother. This was granted, local newspaper The Star reports, on the grounds of her reported cruelty to him. During the contentious divorce proceedings, the politician, now 83, revealed that his now ex-wife had been pregnant at the time of their marriage and he no longer believed the resulting child was really his, declaring:

“I don’t recognize her as my daughter and I will not give her anything as inheritance.”

His now ex-wife shouted at him at him in court, and the magistrate took this as evidence that she would behave the same way at home, bolstering his case.

He would only recognise his seven other children with his now ex-wife, the wealthy businessman declared.

In response the disinherited daughter insisted:

“I am ready that we go for DNA tests anywhere and publicly to prove that [he] is my biological father.”

The paternity test would take place in a public hospital, she explained, and be conducted by independent doctors.

The woman continued:

“I resemble my dad and he who took care of my education from primary, secondary all the way to university level. It’s shocking that he now disowns me after all the time we have been together.”

Her father has two other surviving wives. A fourth spouse passed away some years ago.

Statue of former Kenyan Prime Minister Jomo Kenyatta in Nairobi photographed by K Gituma via Wikipedia under a Creative Commons licence

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