Mother decries council’s accommodation efforts

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A homeless mother of five has condemned her local council for not doing enough to find her somewhere to live.

Two months ago the 33 year-old was told by the Isle of Anglesey County Council to leave her rented home due to the poor condition it was in. It had damp in the walls and water was getting into the electrics. As a result, she and her children became officially homeless as she could not afford to privately rent a new place without help.

She has now been on the council’s waiting list for more than a year having been put on it prior to becoming homeless. However she claims the local authority told her alternative accommodation to the home she was previously living in would be available within two weeks. Despite that promise, the only option she has reportedly been given since she was put on the waiting list was a bed and breakfast located 35 miles away from her children’s school in Holyhead.

Rather than move into the B&B because it was “not even an option”, the woman and three of her five children moved in with her sister, while her other two currently live with their grandparents. The mother’s sister has two children of her own and is pregnant with a third, which has been a “nightmare situation” for everyone.

Speaking to reporters, the mother said she could not believe the local authority was “taking this long to do anything about it, especially as [she has] three school age children to worry about”. The family has been “arguing every day and the kids are constantly crying as they need their own space” she claimed, calling the situation “beyond a joke”.

A spokesperson for the council said they would not comment on individual cases but insisted their housing service “makes every effort to find suitable, alternative accommodation for tenants or try to return them to their own homes as soon as possible after an incident or damage at the property”.

Photo of Holyhead by Kevin Gessner via Flickr under a Creative Commons licence.

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Paul - October 12, 2017 at 9:14am

Demanding a house. Got pregnant again to force the issue. (Contraception is not something this woman takes serioisly). Under what circumstances could a man demand he was given a house like this ? Equality is a joke.
Why does the local council have to dace to her tune. Where is daddy in all this ?

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