Indian wives complain of continuing triple talaq


Some Indian men are still subjecting their wives to now illegal instant divorce, India Today reports.

In August the Supreme Court of India banned the so-called triple talaq, a highly controversial method of instant verbal divorce after years of heated campaigning by Muslim women’s rights campaigners.

But reports quickly emerged of husbands continuing to threaten their wives with instant talaq – the first barely a day after publication of the Supreme Court verdict. A 23 year old woman from the northern city of Meerut complained that her husband had harassed her for dowry and then issued a triple talaq. He was quickly arrested.

Since then further cases have come to light, with two this week alone in the same Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The first concerned a family from the small town of Barahpur, 235 miles south-east of Lucknow. A mother of three complained to the police about her husband’s behaviour, saying he had been selling their land without her consent as well as harassing her and had finally issued a triple talaq, leaving her at risk of destitution. The family were already poor – seven of her ten children had died.

Deputy Superintendent Satish Chandra Shukla said that while the Supreme Court ruling meant Muslim were now in less vulnerable position, the legalities of enforcement had yet to be fully worked out. Maintenance would be the priority for the wife in question he added.

“According to Section 125 of Criminal Procedure Code (CRPC), a married woman has the right to get maintenance from her husband.”

A local lawyer added:

“Such matters should be taken to the family court and a capable court should arrange for a hearing. If both the parties disagree an appeal could be made in the upper court.”

The second case came from the town of Atrauli, 93 miles southeast of Indian capital New Delhi. This also involved a woman who had given birth to ten children, although in her case all were still alive. Eight were still under the age of 18. Her husband had become involved with the wife of a man he had met in prison, eventually issuing a triple talaq to the mother of his children.

Despite the illegality of the divorce, rather than complaining to the Police the wife’s family instead managed to broker an agreement with the husband’s relatives. He eventually agreed to give her the former matrimonial home as well as to pay her 20,000 rupees (£227) in maintenance per month.

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