“Disappointing” growth in children placed outside home areas

children in care

A continuing rise in the number of children being sent to residential homes outside their home areas is “bitterly disappointing”, MPs have claimed.

Recently published government statistics reveal that more than 4,000 youngsters had been placed in residential homes outside their local authority areas by the end of March last year: nearly 80 per cent more than just four years before.

Veteran Labour MP Ann Coffey is the current chair of the lengthily-titled All Party Parliamentary Group on Runaway and Missing Children and Adults. She said:

“All the evidence shows that vulnerable children sent to live in placements outside their local authority boundaries are at high risk of going missing and coming to harm. We know there are strong proven links between going missing and child sexual exploitation.”

She called on the government to conduct more research into the links between runaway children in the care system and the location of their residential homes.

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Nick - September 20, 2017 at 8:37am

Simple explanation. At 83p per mile mileage allowance the Social Workers make a lot of money visiting their charges!! Also it helps to explain why they need an essential car user allowance and a new car every 12 months. The main priority of a social worker is feathering their own nest then follows the welfare of any children. There was a scandal a few years ago where Southampton Social Workers were “meeting” at Macdonalds out of time every morning and then claiming the mileage into the office in the city centre. Considering that the Social Services budget is double that of Police or Education you would think that they would be more unaccountable – thats not true in fact they have a bottomless fund known as Section 5 funding!!!!

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