Grandparents hate ‘unusual’ baby names

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Grandparents hate it when their children choose unusual names for their babies such as Aurora, Noah and Finn.

In a recent survey of 2,000 parents and grandparents by parenting sites Mumsnet and Gransnet, 19 per cent of grandparents said they hate or have hated names their children chose. This displeasure is not always kept a secret, as one out of every six parents in the survey said their mother or father hated their child’s name.

The issue has caused serious problems among some families, as six per cent of participants said they had fallen out with their parents or in-laws over it. Meanwhile four per cent claimed this argument had led to the end of their relationship with their or their partner’s parents.

The biggest source of displeasure came from names that were seen as “odd”, “unusual” or “unconventional”. One in ten grandparents were reportedly concerned the child would eventually be embarrassed by their name. Others objected because the name they suggested had not been used or a common name within the family had not been passed down to the next generation.

Grandmothers appear to object more than grandfathers, as 44 per cent of parents claimed their mother had complained about their choice but only 14 per cent said their father had.

Last year, a survey revealed that almost 20 per cent of parents regretted their own child’s name. Reasons for this feeling included being pressured into picking a name they didn’t want, other people finding it difficult to spell or pronounce and unhappiness that everyone calls their child by a shortened version of their name.

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Paul - September 14, 2017 at 10:39am

Aurora is pretty common in Spain.
Finn or Fynn short for Finley old Irish name.
Noah biblical is surprisingly common recently.
Non of these names are all that far out or unshual. Except maybe Noah. .
I think us English have a distict lack of creative flare and are not very welcoming of new ideas generally.
Main thing is what do those kids feel about their names ?
Most important question is where did they find people called John, Luke, David and Paul out in the middle east in Roman times just post BC ? Now that is a mystery.

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