Husband installs cameras to record his abuse

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A 45 year-old husband resorted to installing cameras in his house to provide evidence of the abuse he suffered at the hands of his wife.

The man secretly set up the cameras throughout his £200,000 home in Greater Manchester as he was convinced he would not be believed otherwise.

The couple have been together for 16 years but the abuse did not begin until a family holiday with his wife’s parents in 2005. During this trip, she pushed and shoved him before slapping him in the face, he told a court in Manchester last week. After that, the physical abuse became a regular occurrence.

Despite the attacks, the man still married her in 2008. However on the wedding night he was reportedly “assaulted and kicked and punched to the head and body”. She placed a duvet over her new husband’s head in order to carry on the abuse before eventually making him sleep on the sofa.

The husband described his wife as “a fantastic and brilliant teacher” who is “so hard working” but said she had a serious problem with alcohol. In fact, she had been “admitted to hospital twice in the past year [as a result of her drinking] and could have died”.

His wife’s defence insisted that “all of these problems come from a long-term drinking problem which has led to significant mental health issues”. The teacher admitted to three counts of common assault and was sentenced to 120 hours of unpaid work under a 12 month community order. She was also given a 12 month restraining order which forbids her from contacting her husband.

Speaking after the verdict, the husband said that he did not agree with the latter sentence because it “will make access between her and our child difficult”. He believed the couple “can’t be amicable because of the restraining order” but thought they could be if that was not in place.

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Andy - September 12, 2017 at 6:58pm

As soon as I read the word she was a TEACHER I knew it was never going to be easy..They are all the same…treat you as they would in a class room..

I would give this guy a pat on the back for catching the twisted idiot out…
Can’t write any more as my ex was a teacher…I should know even my Barrister at the time said how did you put up with that for 14 years…I gave no further comment…HaHa.
Trouble was, she was an adult with a child like mentality…Good job I left…

Paul - September 13, 2017 at 12:04am

Woman manages to raise some very vague excuses. Drinking and mental health issues. Extremely light sentance. Same as what I got for Harassment. I would have thought assault would be more segnificant.
Man still trying to be reasonable after everything hes been through. To keep things civil for the kids.
Court still trying to make contact with his kids difficult. When push comes to shove this guy will probably end up alienated from his kid if hes not careful.

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