Police ‘don’t need permission’ to interview wards of court

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The Police and other investigatory agencies longer need the permission of judges to interview wards of court, a senior judge has declared.

As the name suggests, ‘wards of court’ are children involved in family cases who have been taken into the temporary guardianship of a court. In a newly issued circular, Family Division President Sir James Munby explains that Family Court Practice Direction 12D has been revised.

It now reads:

“There is no requirement for the police or any other agency carrying out statutory powers of investigation or enforcement to seek the permission of the court to interview a child who is a ward of court. The fact that a child is a ward of court does not affect the powers and duties of the police or other statutory agencies in relation to their investigations.”

The revision follows a case heard earlier this year in which Sir James concluded that the previous wording, stating the opposite, was “impossible to reconcile” with other legal principles and “in significant part…simply wrong”.

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