Under 35s should be come foster carers claims charity

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More people under the age of 35 should consider becoming foster carers a charity has claimed.

The Fostering Network called for younger volunteers as this year’s Foster Care Fortnight draws to a  close. The charity highlighted the fact that the great majority of foster carers are older people – less than five per cent are younger than 35, while making up as much as 20 per cent of the population.

Chief executive Kevin Williams said it was vital that a broader swathe of the population became involved in helping vulnerable youngsters.

“Older foster carers bring life experience and skills from other work to fostering, and do an amazing job in providing homes for thousands of fostered children. However, given the need for over 7,000 more foster families in 2017, it’s vital that we also reach out to more people under 35 who are heavily under-represented.”

Interested individuals or families are invited to visit the Fostering Network website to find out more.

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JLB - May 19, 2017 at 9:49am

Fostering does not provide a living wage. The reason older people foster is because they have generally already retired and fostering income tops up retirement income. Fostering requires one person to stay at home full time and unless you have several spare rooms (most under 35s don’t own their own home in these times) and can be registered for several children then it’s not possible to generate enough income to live.

Sam - June 24, 2017 at 4:08pm

Well I can see your point on the first bit. But this is where we look at the difference. 1 child at £800 per week-you have 3 children of all ages, that’s £2,600 per week per house just 3 children. So if there’s 2 and now they don’t have to have own room like before.. foster parents get double the pay a bus driver for example would get on a yearly salary. A working class dad had a child removed on not facts but fabricated lies, so the grandparents tried to help,but wasn’t allowed,the great grandparents told to old? Family members and family friends who owns houses and businesses weren’t even looked at. But another family friend swore after 40 years of fostering,were the local authorities telling the truth,but seen injustice done to a innocent family. The reason why younger generations won’t foster is because it’s probably happened to someone they know. We were thinking of opening our door when the children left home. Now they have left.. I wouldn’t after seeing a innocent father and family suffering still to this day. They say teenage pregnancy has drastically fallen Also.. This is because a high majority are in foster placement or already adopted.. so the generations of 35+ they want to foster refuse to ,my point is no not ALOT of that age will own there own home (let’s be honest look at the prices inflated) but everything used against a parent in the family court is being allowed by fostering and adoption agencies which we have read,seen and couldn’t believe. As follows
1. If you have disabilities
2. Tenants/own home
3.single/straight (no restrictions on sexuality)
4.21 or over can apply
5. On benifits/working
6. Over 65 can apply
7. Criminal convictions are allowed “please tell us at the beginning rather than later on” word for word on site!!
So everything used (all good points no criminal history,working/training,own property ,suffers from dyslexia.) was used against a parent ,but all above can look after the child.. this is why people don’t want to foster any children. I’m being honest and open. It’s definitely money generated,but these children are taken unnecessarily in most cases. There shouldn’t be several children in 1 fostering household.

D - May 19, 2017 at 10:00am

Quite a telling and almost amusing observation. Under 35’s are the group least likely to be able to afford to provide a home for themselves, let alone foster. With property ownership and wealth being more in the realm of the over 35’s, practically speaking it doesn’t make any sense to try and change things.

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