Delhi court tells woman to stop being a ‘parasite’


A family in Delhi has told the estranged wife of a local man seeking higher maintenance to get a job and not be a “parasite”.

She had applied for an increase in her maintenance payments of almost 500 per cent, from 5,500 rupees per month (£67.19) to 25,000 rupees (£305.52). She had originally been awarded 5,000 rupees per month as long ago as 2008, after her husband had been accused of domestic violence. This was later increased by 10 per cent at a magistrate’s court hearing, but, unsatisfied, she applied for the much larger rise.

However, sessions court judge RK Tripathi noted that the wife had ample qualifications.

“The appellant herself is a well-educated lady having a post graduation degree: MA, B.Ed and LLB, and is reported to be more qualified than the respondent [her estranged husband].”

Dismissing her application, he added:

“She can earn herself. She is not supposed to sit idle at home and be a parasite on the earnings of the respondent.”

The earlier ten per cent increase had been a fair reflection of the rate of inflation in India, the Judge continued. In addition, despite taking court action the wife had not given any speciific reason for seeking an increase or even provided evidenceo f an increase in expenditure or her estranged husband’s salary.

Reports do not indicate why the couple have not divorced.

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Andrew - March 28, 2017 at 10:16am

You can almost hear the punches not being pulled!

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