Woman run downs ex-husband and kills herself

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A 60 year-old woman has killed herself after she ran down her ex-husband outside a divorce court in California this week.

The incident occurred in city of Martinez near San Francisco Bay. Her husband and two female friends were walking together after they left the local Family Law Center. The woman got into her car and sped towards them, knocking all three down. She then reversed sharply, hitting one of the women a second time.

A witness reported:

“It was deliberate. You can tell it was. An officer came running out of the courthouse, and I screamed for him to get help.”

The woman also smashed into her husband’s car with such force that she knocked it into two other vehicles. Resisting attempts by onlookers to break open the driver-side window and restrain her, she then sped off at high speed, drove to the nearby Benicia-Martinez Bridge and jumped off. Her body was later recovered by the US Coast Guard.

Miraculously neither the husband or the two women were seriously hurt. All three were treated in hospital for their injuries.

Photo of the Benicia-Martinez Bridge by Naotake Murayama via Flickr under a Creative Commons licence.

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