Woman ‘missing’ following Tunisia divorce trip

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A British woman’s family is worried about her safety after she went missing in Tunisia.

The mother of two from Lancing in West Sussex travelled to the North African nation in order to participate in divorce proceedings from her estranged husband. The couple met in Tunisia in 2014 while she was on a holiday following a previous divorce. They married there last August but the relationship soon broke down.

When their divorce eventually began, the woman travelled to the capital Tunis on 6 July to be present for it. She was scheduled to return on 14 July but did not get on the flight she had booked and has not been in contact with her family since.

The day before she was expected back in England, she spoke to her family. They claim that she showed no indication that she intended to stay in Tunisia. It was also “completely out of character” for the woman to suddenly stop communication, her sister wrote in a Facebook post which has been shared more than 1,600 times.

Sussex Police said they had contacted Tunisian authorities and been told the woman was in the country under her own free will and was safe. Speaking to a local news outlet, the husband claimed that everything was fine and “nothing has happened to her”.

However, her sister was not convinced. All the information she had received had “come from people we do not know and have never met”. She insisted the family “continue to worry for her safety” and “will not accept to believe that [the woman] is safe until we have heard from her directly and will continue to search”.

Photo of the Tunisian flag by Tarek via Flickr under a Creative Commons licence.

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