Stowe Family Law discusses prenups in BBC debate

Yesterday one of our long-serving international family lawyers, appeared on the BBC’s topical debate show The Big Questions to discuss the currently very topical issue of prenuptial agreements.

He travelled down to Peterborough for the filming and reports that the show is thoroughly rehearsed beforehand, before the cameras eventually roll and the live broadcast takes place. He was impressed by presenter Nicky Campbell’s interviewing skills and rapport with the guests.

The debate was a lively one, with both proponents and opponents of prenuptial agreements having their say. He discussed the role of prenuptial agreements in Germany and the UK’s high divorce rate in comparison to his native country.

He says: “I would certainly suggest that anyone moving abroad take legal advice and consider a prenup, and similarly couples moving to the UK from abroad who already have a foreign prenup should certainly think about legal advice on the validity of their foreign agreement and how an English court would deal with this type of agreement.”

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Stitchedup - March 4, 2014 at 3:28pm

I did see some of this but switched off when one of the women audience made a comment; something about marriage being an “unsafe environment for many women”…. not really sure what that had to do with pre-nups.

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