Lengthy military deployments increase the risk of divorce

9and 11Researchers have found that each lengthy deployment further increases the chances of a military marriage failing, according to Huffington Post.

The survey revealed that 97 per cent of divorces occurred after a return from deployment. Women were found to be more likely to divorce after spending time away, than men. Also, military families without children were more likely to divorce.

Researchers found that couples who married before September 11, 2001 were 28 per cent more likely to divorce within three years of marriage if one or both spouses experienced a deployment to Afghanistan or Iraq.

Couples who married after the 9/11 attacks experienced a lower divorce rate. The researchers speculate that this is because those who married post-9/11 were better equipped to deal with the difficulties of war.

The study by the RAND corporation, used information from 462,444 enlisted service members who got married while serving in the military between March 1999 and June 2008. Regardless of when the military couple married or when the deployment occurred. This isn’t the first study to look at the military divorce rate. In 2011, USA Today found that the military divorce rate was at the highest level since 1999, and according to the Department of Defense, it has been rising steadily for the past ten years.

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Stephanie Bamberger - September 4, 2013 at 8:57pm

None of this should be particularly surprising to anyone, considering the number of deployments that most military members have done in the last 12 years. Some soldiers and Marines have done as many as six deployments ranging from 10 months to a year. Military members who served in Vietnam did no more than one to three year-long deployments. Naturally, the continual separations and the significant re-adjustments that occur upon return have caused significant stress to military marriages which cause many military families to break up. Sad, and the military services have not been very good about supporting families (although speaking as a former “brat” I have to say the military is MUCH better than it was when I was growing up in the service).

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