Gay divorce is inevitable, says US politician

Colorado House of Representatives DenverGay couples living in Colorado have filed seven divorce petitions since the US state recognised same sex civil unions in May.

But according Mark Ferrandino, the openly gay Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives, the development is unsurprising.

“You can’t have one without the other. With the recognition of civil unions come the rights and responsibilities to the family, regardless of what happens to the relationship.”

The state introduced legislation recognising civil unions between same sex couples in March and the law came into force on May 1. The legislation provides a range of legal protection for such couples in the event of divorce, including maintenance (spousal support, access to children and fair distribution of property and assets.

Ferrandino told the Associated Press;

“Every relationship doesn’t always last. It’s important to have a process to resolve ending of a relationship, especially when kids are involved. Prior to civil unions, depending on the judge and the documents you had, there really wasn’t a very orderly process. This provides for a very orderly separation with more legal certainties.”

Gay marriages conducted in other states are recognised as civil unions within Colorado and can be dissolved under the new legislation.

Photo of the Colorado House of Representatives building in Denver by Cris Gonzales via Wikipedia under a Creative Commons licence

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Luke - July 10, 2013 at 7:40pm

It’s going to be a shambles, right now when it comes to custody it’s pretty easy for the courts – unless the woman is unfit the guy gets shafted – but where there are no men or no women involved it is going to be very messy.

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