German gives maintenance money to passing boy

Straubinger GermanyA German arguing with with his ex-wife about maintenance payments gave a passing schoolboy  €185 (£157), news site The Local reports.

The man told the youngster, waiting with a friend in the Bavarian town of  Straubing, “you can keep the money” before wandering off.

The boy took the money to the police, believing it to be forged. They tracked down the man and discovered he was a 49 year-old local who had already given away around €1000 due to his former wife following arguments with her.

The man said he’d rather give the money away than let his ex-wife have it, local newspaper Straubinger Tagblatt reports.

Police concluded there was no evidence of any crime and the boy could keep his windfall. “So the pupil is €185 better off for now.”

Photo of Straubing by Donaulustig via Wikipedia

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