KT Tunstall divorce: father’s death ‘made me realise I wasn’t happy’

KT TunstallThe death of her adoptive father made KT Tunstall realise she wasn’t happy in her marriage, the Suddenly I See singer has admitted.

After her divorce from drummer Luke Bullen reached the decree nisi stage last week, the 37 year-old recalled the effect of her father’s death in August 2012.

Speaking to the Daily Record, the performer said:

“I realised when my dad died that I didn’t have to please him any more. He’s gone. I did make him proud, job done. I realised there was an amount of doing what I thought I should do.”

She added:

“The problem was I never had time to feel. I was just so driven and worked so hard I never had time to process how I felt about stuff. Everything that happened made me really look at my life. I realised I had convinced myself I was happy but had to admit that I wasn’t.”

Photo by celticblade via Flickr under a Creative Commons licence

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