Former Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas intervenes in girlfriend’s divorce battle

Cesc FabregasSpanish footballer Francesc ‘Cesc’ Fabregas has offered to buy the Belgravia home of girlfriend Daniella Semaan, after her ex-husband was ordered to sell the property by a divorce court.

The 25 year-old midfielder for FC Barcelona offered £5.4 million for the flat according to media reports, so Ms Semaan, 38, could continue living there.

In March, Semaan’s former husband, London property developer Elie Taktouk, was ordered by Mr Justice Coleridge to sell the property in order to pay a lump sum settlement of £1.4 million.

He  appealed the order, saying the settlement represented “the entirety of the net worth of the couple” according to a case report.

Mr Taktouk’s barrister Stephen Lyon told the Court of Appeal:

“We say it is rather extraordinary that, less than three weeks after judgment was handed down, through his company in Barcelona he was offering to purchase [the flat]. What would happen is she would remain in occupation with £1.4million in the bank, which was not the intention of Mr Justice Coleridge.”

Mr Taktouk’s appeal was refused. Lord Justice Jackson said he had no grounds on which to appeal the settlement ordered y Mr Justice Coleridge, noting:

“Even if the company controlled by Mr Fabregas buys the former matrimonial home, this will still not be a property which the wife owns. She will live there only by the permission of Mr Fabregas and the fact that his company has made an offer – an insufficient offer, it would seem – does not materially change the facts as they were before Mr Justice Coleridge.”

The Lebanese couple, who divorced last year, had two children.. Ms Semaan gave birth to a daughter called Lia by Fabregas earlier this month.

Photo by The Sport Review via Flickr under a Creative Commons licence


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