Divorce & Splitting Up is Marilyn Stowe’s practical guide to the legal and emotional process people go through towards the end of a marriage or relationship. This can be one of the most challenging periods for anyone to through and, as a result, many find the process difficult to approach.

This is why the book is so useful. Based on Mrs Stowe’s distinguished career as one of the most prominent and successful family lawyers in the UK, this guide offers advice on all aspects of divorce and separation. So if you have any questions, pick up a copy.

The issues covered in the book include:

Let’s stick together?

Is your marriage really doomed? People can sometimes be so quick to ask for a divorce that they do not consider that some issues can be worked through. Extra-marital affairs can be devastating but does this have to be the death knell of a relationship or merely a wakeup call? On the other hand, people should recognise the signs that a marriage is no longer salvageable. This section provides a useful checklist of potential red flags.

Getting Divorced

For those who are sure that they want to bring their marriage to an end, there is plenty of practical guidance in this book. What things must you do before anything else? How do you go about finding a good solicitor to represent you? Mrs Stowe answers all these questions and more. She also explains the importance of looking after yourself during this time of great stress and anguish.

Cohabitation and Civil Partnerships

This book is not just for married couples. Mrs Stowe also all the things you need to know if you are just living with a partner or if you have entered into a civil partnership. These are not as straightforward as some may believe so this section may help dispel some popularly held misconceptions about them both.

International, expat and cross-border divorce

Divorce is difficult enough when both spouses come from, and live in, the same country. However, things can become even more complicated when they have an international element. What are the dangers if you decide to move to a home in the sun? What affect will an international divorce have on your children?

It’s the money, honey

This is often the biggest point of contention when couples decide their relationship is at an end. The law on these matters can seem daunting but Marilyn explains things in a clear and concise way in this section. She also explains how to deal with prenuptial agreements, what to do if there are hidden assets in need of tracking down and, perhaps most importantly, how to keep your costs down.

Marilyn StoweHow to do your best for your children

The effects of separation are rarely limited to just the couple. Unfortunately, children are often pulled into the middle of this unhappy situation. This book provides advice on the best ways to help your children through this highly emotional time. There is also information on child support and how to deal with grandparents and stepfamilies.

What could go wrong?

In most cases, people seeking a divorce want things to go as smoothly and as painlessly as possible. However, you must be mindful of all the ways things could unravel. Mrs Stowe talks about the most common ‘dirty tricks’ used during a divorce and how to cope with them. This section also details how to act in Court and how to avoid other potential pitfalls.

How to move on

This guide does not stop at the point the divorce is finalised. Some people find the time immediately following the end of their relationship to be the hardest to deal with. This section deals with how to approach the beginning of your new life and explores the importance of setting goals for the future.

Divorce & Splitting Up – Advice from a Top Divorce Lawyer was not written as a money-making project, but as a genuine service for those who are in need of quality advice. Every single penny of the proceeds from the book sales is donated to the Children’s Society.

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