Transcript for Divorce Advice: Third Parties and Finance – Top Divorce Lawyer Marilyn Stowe 

Very often, a relationship with a third party that has ultimately caused the breakdown of the marriage fizzles out.

My advice to somebody who’s having a relationship with somebody else is to keep them on the back burner. Sort out your marriage first.

But, if the third party is going to play a role in the future, you have an obligation to disclose that to your spouse and to the court.

The third party’s assets remain with that person. They can’t be used to help pay off a divorce settlement but they do reduce the needs of the person who’s going to live with them.

So, for example, suppose you are getting divorced and your proposed new partner is very wealthy. That new partner will keep his or her assets intact. However, it will reduce your needs because that other person can then use their assets to help the new relationship go forward.

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