Transcript for Divorce Advice: Spousal Maintenance – Top Divorce Lawyer Marilyn Stowe

Spousal maintenance is quite a hot topic. It arouses incredible emotions amongst people, particularly where you remarry but still have to pay maintenance to your former wife. The principle of spousal maintenance should be properly understood. It’s not a meal ticket for life as many people seem to think it is. It’s a form of compensation. It’s a way of meeting need. After a long marriage, income is meant to help you meet your future needs go forward. Sometimes people have given up a career in order to bring up the children and there’s no way of going back or even trying to get a decent income so they will need income. The question the court has to consider is how much and for how long? People also think that spousal maintenance isn’t paid. They actually don’t even realise that they’re entitled to it. You get two types of people: one person who will never consider ever giving up her maintenance and somebody who thinks she’s not entitled to it. You meet a whole range of people who have not a clue what spousal maintenance is and I would suggest if you want some more advice, have a look at my blog because there’s a lot on there about it and the principles of how it’s paid and for how long. You can have a look at my book, Divorce & Splitting Up, which is 99p on Kindle, or come and see us because we’re only too happy to help. We do have free legal clinics, 30 minutes of free advice at all our offices across the country. It’s well worth it just to find out what your position is, whether you are entitled to it or whether you need to continue paying it.

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Jonathan Secky - August 1, 2016 at 12:01pm

Hi Marilyn,

Excellent post. After marriage my mother giving up their job for me. After few five years, my father divorced my mother. Due to loss of career, my mom faced financial problems. But my dad gave compensation for my mother in the name of spousal maintenance.


SM - January 24, 2017 at 11:36pm

My son’s dad has never been there for my son as he refused to turn up to register him and I was wondering if I could still make him pay for his son

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