Financial remedies courts pilot to begin in West Midlands

April 13, 2018 1 comment

finances and divorce

The test run for the new financial remedies courts announced last year will begin in the West Midlands, the HM Courts & Tribunals Service (HMCTS) has announced. Additional pilots will follow in London and South-East Wales following a review of progress at the the Birmingham Civil and Family Justice Centre, which covers the West Midlands….

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Marital property: England v Italy by Lidia Fili Aicardi

March 30, 2018 1 comment

marital property

Lidia Fili Aicardi is a trainee solicitor at Stowe Family Law. She has an Italian background and in this special feature she compares the legal concept of ‘marital property’ (assets acquired or owned by a married couple) in Italian and English law.   The concept of marital property is an elusive one, and the definition…

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