Joint report examines children’s welfare following Brexit

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A newly published report from leading children’s organisations examines the potential impact of Britain’s exit from the European Union.

Entitled Making Brexit work for children, the report was jointly produced by six children’s welfare charities, including Barnardo’s and Coram, along with the University of Sheffield. It calls on the government to ensure that existing rights under EU law are replicated in domestic law following Brexit. More than 80 pieces of EU legislation on children’s rights have been introduced, in such areas as divorce and separation across more than one country, migration, asylum and the right to social and economic protection.

The report also addresses the vexed question of the status of EU nationals living in Britain after Brexit, saying the needs of children should be taken into account in the final decision. Children in low income families are also very vulnerable to the clash between Brexit-induced price inflation and the current benefits freeze. The latter should be ended as a result the charities say.

The report also claims children should be consulted on relevant issues during the Brexit process and that the country should remain within the EU legal framework which enables the protection of children caught up in multi-country family disputes.

You can read the full report here.

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