Toddler removed from mother to protect her from father

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A young mother who has already lost two children has now had her third taken into care to protect her from the father.

Her first child died from pneumonia and the second in uncertain circumstances while being looked after by the father. In September last year, the couple’s third child, a girl referred to as ‘L’, stopped breathing on two occasions and the local authority was convinced the father had caused both incidents.

Family Court Judge Alan Booth concluded that he had, most likely because he had feared that his relationship with the depressed mother was coming to an end, and hoped a close brush with further tragedy might draw them closer. Now 18 month-old L has been taken away from her mother, despite the fact that she had not harmed the child in any way, because the Judge believed there was no other way to protect the little girl.

At a hearing in Blackburn, the Judge said, while removing L was “desperately sad”, the vulnerable young mother could not be trusted the protect the youngster from her “dangerous” father, who might convince her to restart their relationship.

Judge Booth declared:

“I cannot risk the death of another child in this family.”

Photo by Steve and Sara Emry under a Creative Commons licence

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