Number of child protection plans rocketing

children in care

More than 51,000 children have now been made the subject of child protection plans, meaning social workers believe their safety or welfare is at risk.

The total figure of 51,080 youngsters at the end of March represented an increase of no less than 770 over the 2016 total (50,310).

The number of active protection plans is now 31 per cent higher than in 2010, when just 39,100 were in place.

The number of referrals to children’s services has also risen to near record levels. In the year to March, a huge 621,470 referrals were made, the second highest number in a decade, second only to the 657,790 referrals made in 2014.

Social work professor Ray Jones said the combination of ever-increasing demand and government funding cuts was a corrosive mix.

“With child protection workloads in England now at a record high, but with fewer families overall getting help from local councils, the impact of cuts in government funding for local government is creating a crisis which threatens the welfare and safety of children.”

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Nusrat - November 7, 2017 at 10:59am

This is crap. Cuts are very good decisions Because social workers put children in child protection plan for absolute no reason without telling the parents and when I find out they said start spinning me around to convince that they are right. Second thing is that all the information they use to put child on child protection plan I.S false but poor public have no justice anywhere. I am exhausted they way I am fighting with them for justice as their lies are everywhere. When it comes to making money top to bottom social services work together in order to get a profit on your child. I wish if every person fight back with social services they wouldn’t make money on innocent children by putting them CPP. As without CPP they are not able to make money on your child. Government should stop funding social services completely right now rather than cuts.

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