Twitter supports same sex postal poll

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Social networking giant Twitter has endorsed the campaign for marriage equality in Australia with a special emoji.

The much discussed postal ballot on the legalisation of gay marriage within the country is now in its closing stages. Users who tweet any of a number of supportive hashtags will see an emoji of the ‘yes’ campaign symbol also appear in their tweet: an outline of Australia emblazoned with the rainbow flag and the word ‘yes’.

Emojis are illustrative icons intended to express emotion and visual ideas in messaging software and on social media.

Hashtags (searchable words and phrases) which trigger the emoji include #MarriageEquality, #VoteYes, #PostYourYes, and #YesForEquality.

According to Mashable, around two thirds of Australians have now returned their postal votes, with other reports suggest 75 per cent The ballot closes on Friday October 27. Support for legalisation is reported to highest amongst people under 34, but less than 60 per cent of those have returned their ballots.

Photo by  Scott Beale via Flickr 

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