Wife in Singapore jailed for stabbing husband


An administrator in the Asian city state of Singapore was stabbed by his wife after she overheard him talking to his mistress on the phone.

The couple were in their bedroom when a voicemail appeared on the husband’s phone from his Filipino lover. It said “I love you” and he responded in kind, The Straits Times reports, not realising that his wife had overheard the exchange.

Enraged, she grabbed at this phone and the couple struggled. He managed to grab the phone back, pushing her onto the bed in the process. But his 30 year-old wife wasn’t finished. She ran out of the room and returned with a knife, shouting angrily at him. According to her lawyer, she had already known about his mistress.

She stabbed her husband in the chest before he managed to grab her wrist and make her drop the weapon. He threw the knife out the window before calling the Police to their home in Punggol (a north-eastern suburb of Singapore).

His wife was arrested and sent to a mental hospital, where she was diagnosed with “adjustment disorder with a recent acute situational reaction”.

Photo of Punggol by Sengkang via Wikipedia

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