Anti-gay marriage campaigners feted in Australia

gay marriage

The unexpectedly enduring controversy over the legalisation of gay marriage in Australia continued this week with the release of a new video by campaigners against the proposal.

A TV ad by campaign group the Coalition for Marriage featured mothers opposed to legalisation discussing their reasons. These included Heidi McIvor, who is a church pastor in the state of Victoria.

She and other mothers featured complained of an angry backlash following the airing.

“I am perplexed that the response to this ad hasn’t been to verify our claims or research what is happening,” said Mrs McIvor. “Instead it has been to delve into the personal and work lives of the women on this ad and use it to discredit us, demonising mothers for defending their rights.”

But the pastor and a second mother from the video, Cella White, have now made a return appearance in a Facebook video by the Coalition, along with blogger Marijke Rancie. Entitled Mums speak out against radical gay sex education, it features the three walking on stage at a rally to cheers and applause. This is followed by a brief snippets of speeches given by two of them, and then by footage of the campaigners meeting supporters and taking selfies with them.

The video appeared in a post entitled Our kids are not your social experiment, a phrase used by Mrs McIvor in her speech. In the video Marijke Rancie also tells the crowd:

“We hear love is love, let me tell you what I know about love. There is no greater love than the love a mother has for her child.”

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spinner - October 12, 2017 at 10:04am

Marriage by definition is between a female and a male. Gays can have all the legal rights through a civil union or they need to make up their own word to describe their relationship.

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