Son of Russian oligarch wins back divorce ‘top up’

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The son of a Russian oligarch has won back £1.14 million that had been awarded to his ex-wife as a divorce settlement ‘top up’.

The 47 year-old son of a telecommunications mogul had originally agreed to pay his wife £5.1 million following their divorce back in Russia. He also gave her a flat in Moscow valued at around £3.8 million and allowed her to live rent-free in the family’s five-storey house in West London.

However, last year the man’s former wife told an English Court that she and the couple’s three children had to “live relatively frugally” compared to his lavish lifestyle. She claimed her ex-husband, thought to be worth around £40 million in his own right, spent his time throwing parties on the family’s luxury £3.5 million yacht and learning to fly his brand new £850,000 helicopter. The Court agreed with her assessment and ordered the husband to pay her an extra £1.14 million.

This award has now been overturned by the Court of Appeal.  Lady Justice King said the wife had been given a “second bite of the cherry” which was not necessary. The Judge noted that the woman’s financial circumstances had not changed since the divorce and her bid for a larger settlement was “in part tactical”.

During the case, the husband’s lawyer had argued that as the wife had millions of pounds in the bank “she is clearly not suffering hardship”.

The man’s father made his fortune after the collapse of the Soviet Union and is now thought to be worth around $182 million (£139 million).

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Andrew - October 6, 2017 at 3:07pm

I hope he got his costs of the appeal. The ex-wife should never have been given permission to apply. Second bite at the cherry indeed!

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