Retired Indian civil servant threatened by woman seeking marriage


A retired Indian civil servant coaching candidates for an exam was harassed and threatened by a pupil after he turned down her proposal of marriage.

A former employee of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), he had taken voluntary redundancy last year and then set up a business in the southern city of Bangalore helping clients prepare for the IAS entrance exam online. Not long afterwards, the woman in question signed up to take his courses.

He later explained to the Police that:

“I know her from October 2016 when she joined us. She started forcing me to marry her. When I refused, she started harassing me.”

The woman bombarded him with unwanted emails and messages he complained.

Later, after she failed the civil service entrance exam, she came to the man’s home, argued with his security guard and then, the teacher claimed, threatened to kill the retiree if he didn’t pay her 160,000 rupees (1.6 lakh or £1850) per month.

He attributed this behaviour to his pupil failing her exams and feeling “frustrated”.

A warrant was issued for the woman’s arrest.

Panorama of Bangalore by StoriesofKabeera via Wikipedia under a Creative Commons licence

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