Indians now offered online marriage certificates


Residents of the southern Indian state of Karnataka can now register their marriages online and obtain printable copies of marriage certificates the same way, in a first for the region.

Previously couples marrying in the tropical state were required to make multiple visits to offices to the stamps and registration department to have their union officially recognised, submitting various documents, including the details of two witnesses to the marriage along with proofs of the couple’s identities and ages.

Unsurprisingly perhaps, only an estimated 15 per cent of all marriages in the state were ever registered and the government hopes the dramatically simplified online initiative will encourage more to abide by Indian marital law.

Manoj Kumar Meena is the inspector-general of registration. He told The Times of India:

“We are streamlining the process of getting marriage certificates online. Till now, you could apply online and obtain the certificate in person. We’ll introduce the new system in a registrar’s office in Bengaluru and roll it out in the rest of the state by year end.”

The new marriage portal is modelled on an existing portal for property registration. It includes a name cross-referencing system to guard against multiple marriages.

A similar system for the registration online of births and deaths in Karnataka is now planned.

Photo of Bangalore Lake, Karnataka, India by Nikkul via Wikipedia under a Creative Commons licence

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Andrrw - October 4, 2017 at 9:08am

Meanwhile it takes three weeks to get a certificate here unless you pay through the nose for premium service . . .

spinner - October 4, 2017 at 12:20pm

Not entirely true, all marriages are registered just with the Mosque, Temple or Church. People only went to register their marriage with the court if they wanted to use it to get a visa or something outside of India itself, nothing to do with convenience.

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