Government takes over Croydon children’s services

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The government has assumed control of the children’s services at the London Borough of Croydon after inspections revealed “widespread and serious” failures.

The council’s social workers had not adequately followed the guidelines for dealing with children at risk of abuse and those who had run away from home, according to Ofsted. Inspectors also reported that many children in need of help in the area had been made to wait an unacceptably long time before they were seen.

This could have been because of the unmanageable caseloads the social workers were reportedly saddled with, the inspectorate suggested. As a result, it was not possible for them to give enough attention to each child.

In a newly published report, Ofsted claimed that “the local authority is either too slow to take action or reduces the level of support without evidence of demonstrable progress”. Consequently, “some children remain in harmful situations for too long”.

This week, Minister for Children and Families Robert Goodwill announced the appointment of “a commissioner in Croydon to conduct a three-month review” of their services before the government comes to a decision on what are “the best next steps to ensure improvements are made for vulnerable children and families”.

He said the protection of children from harm was “vital” and that the government would “take tough measures when councils are failing them”.

Barbara Peacock is the Executive Director of People at Croydon Council. She said that they had accepted Ofsted’s findings and were now “committed to making sure that we provide better support for our children and young people”. She added that she was “sorry that our services have not been good enough”.

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Nusrat - September 6, 2017 at 9:33am

Well, social services are too busy to take decent children away from their families so how would they have time to protect those who are really in need.
Local authorities don’t want to go against abusers, it will be too much work for them.

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