Oxford newlyweds in hunt for marriage certificate

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A newly married couple in Oxford have launched a city-wide hunt after their marriage certificate went missing.

The two scout leaders married last Saturday at Queen’s College, Oxford, and were about to fly off to New York for their honeymoon when they were informed about the certificate’s disappearance. The document had been kept in a rucksack by one of the groom’s two best men.

On the night of the wedding, the best men left the rucksack in the back of a taxi. The two men and their wives had hailed the cab on the High Street but did not notice which company the driver worked for. It did not take too long before they realised that the rucksack was missing and they began frantically calling every taxi firm in the city. Unfortunately, these efforts proved fruitless as the bag could not be found.

The new Mr and Mrs Butler have now offered a £100 reward for the return of their marriage certificate. Not only does the document have legal importance but it was “also the first thing [they] have signed together as a married couple and it would be really nice to see it again” the bride told Oxford Mail. She said although they “can replace it … it just wouldn’t be the same”.

When they are not leading the local scouts, Mr Butler is an engineer for F1 McLaren and Mrs Butler is a primary school teacher. They met on a scouting expedition back in 2012.

Photo of Queen’s College by Anders Sandberg via Flickr under a Creative Commons licence.

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Andrew - September 4, 2017 at 5:09pm

May they be as lucky as the lady who worked for Amazon and whose engagement ring came off while she was packing a parcel – and the customer returned it!

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