Indian Islamic schools to teach ‘correct’ divorce

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Islamic schools in India will soon begin teaching boys the correct way to get a divorce.

The Dargah-E-Ala Hazrat is a Muslim spiritual centre in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. It also controls around 15,000 madrasas in the country. A senior cleric from the institution announced the lessons on divorce shortly after the Indian Supreme Court ruled that the ‘triple talaq’, or instant divorce, was unconstitutional.

Prior to this decision, the triple talaq was a popular method for India’s Muslim men to bring their marriages to an end. Under Islamic law, husbands can divorce by simply declaring their wish to do so three times. Traditionally, these three declarations occur over an extended period of time but many husbands have made them all on the same occasion. This is the triple talaq. Despite its popularity in India, the practice has been criticised by Islamic scholars, politicians and women’s groups both within and outside the country.

Speaking to BBC Hindi after the Supreme Court case, Dargah-E-Ala Hazrat senior cleric explained that the centre had conducted a meeting with the leaders of the various madrasas and had “urged them to inform the community through students and in their Friday prayers about the correct ways of undergoing talaq”.

The lessons will clarify that not only is the triple talaq unconstitutional, it does not adhere to the principles of Islamic law. As these institutions are only available to men, the clerics hope their students will spread these messages to their friends and family.

The new curriculum is expected to be implemented at the start of the next academic year.

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