Californian man tried to murder wife when she asked for divorce


A man from the Californian city of Modesto has been declared  eligible for parole after serving 19 years for attempted murder during a divorce dispute.

The victim had been lured back to her former home under false pretences by Catarino Santos Martinez in April 1998. She had previously left him, demanding a divorce. There he cornered her in a bedroom and stabbed her no less than five times but she escaped, running from the house bleeding heavily from her wounds.

He fled the scene but was arrested later the same day when he tried to pick up his children from a friend’s home. Martinez was later convicted of battery and attempted murder.

Despite his selection for possible parole, his release still has to be approved by both state parole officials and California governor Jerry Brown.

Martinez, now 49, has previously been denied parole six times. If he is now released he will most likely deported according to media reports.

Photo by Carl Skaggs via Wikipedia

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