50,000 homeless children

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As many as 50,000 children across the country live in homeless families according to new research.

The housing charity Crisis has claimed there may now be as many as 160,000 families without a home, and around 57,000 of these include children. Some live with both couples while others are with lone parents.

The finding was based on an analysis of demographic data by Heriot-Watt University. It found that homelessness has increased across the board over the last five years. This unfortunate trend includes rough sleepers, people living in hostels, and those forced to rely on the hospitality and sofas of friends.

In a report outlining the findings, Crisis declare:

“If current policies continue unchanged, the most acute forms of homelessness are likely to keep rising with overall numbers estimated to rise by more than a quarter in the coming decade and two and half times by 2041.”

The report prompted a response from the Local Government Association. Housing spokesperson Judith Blake said:

“Councils want to end homelessness. As we have warned, councils are housing the equivalent of an extra secondary school’s worth of homeless children every month.”

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Andy - August 15, 2017 at 7:26am

If children and as many as what the report state then in this day and age it seem to be returning to Victorian days…For such groups as the NRP the cost of housing and salary deduction cause the NRP to live a life in rented accommodation if at all,so the stability is put at risk…However the PWC has all the support they need including housing…

With the demand now placed on families and single parents then no wonder it today’s living standards are at an all time low…Greedy house builders for massive profit are just self inflating the system to make a demand of such properties with pressure to sign there life away not now 25years but 30,40 years on properties so then affordability can be created…

Paul - August 16, 2017 at 2:26am

‘Size of a secondary school’ is a rediculous measurement. Is it a secondary school from a back water village or a secondary school from the center of Leeds ? – this could mean she is housing hundreds. Could mean shes housing thousands. Answers on a post card. Either way. Sounds like its trying to stop a water fall with a bucket.
These homeless services cheese me off. Walking round York its the same faces. Ushual suspects. They have no intention of changing their ways. They are just milking these systems for as many cherrys as they can. Been here over 5 years. Some of these should be moving on now into a home and work place. They are not.
Homeless services clearly are not working. Needs addressing.
Why do people only care when this is about children ? – alot of these people have mental health issues which make them as vunrible as children. We are an enormous ecconomy. The only explinations for mass homelessness are. 1: Bad policy and implimentation 2: Narcism and ruthlessness 3: Greed.

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