Children’s services at ‘breaking point’

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Council-run children’s services are at “breaking point”, having overspent their budgets by more than £600 million.

A newly published report from the Local Government Association (LGA) suggests this could the result of a significant increase in the number of children in need of protection over the last decade. In 2015/16, more than 170,000 children were the subject of enquiries into their safety and wellbeing by local authorities. This is a staggering 140 per cent increase from the 71,800 children in similar situations ten years earlier.

Three quarters of the 370 councils the LGA represents spent more money on children’s social care than their budget allowed in 2015/16. In total these services are now £605 million in the red and the LGA predicts that, if the current trend continues, this budget gap could be as high as £2 billion by 2020.

In addition to the rise in demand, funding has dropped in the last few years according to the LGA. In their report, they claim that the government has cut money for the Early Intervention Grant (EIG) by nearly £500 million since 2013 and they predict a further £183 million drop by 2020. The EIG is a government fund to help local authorities pay for services that will reduce the number of youngsters in need of protection. These include children’s centres, early education, family support and young offenders’ crime prevention.

Richard Watts is Chair of the LGA’s Children and Young People Board. He said this report “shows the sheer scale of the funding crisis we face in children’s social care, both now and in the near future”.

Local authorities have tried to reduce their spending by cutting costs wherever possible, Watts continued, but now there are “very few savings left to find without having a real and lasting impact upon crucial services that many children and families across the country desperately rely on”.

The government needs to address the growing budget gap because “services for the care and protection of vulnerable children are now, in many areas, being pushed to breaking point” Watts insisted.

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Nick Thomas-Webstet - August 10, 2017 at 12:43pm

I am going to upset the Apple art here by telling the truth.

Half he children in the legal system need not be there in the first place. The hold system in the UK is designed to keep Social Workers in employment. Most of the. Asked and reports are job creation exercises and nothing else.

These people would be unemployable in any other profession and would increase greatly the unemployment figures.

My sources are impeccable as they come from within the system themselves by nature professionals who recoil at the abuse to the public purse as well as a new entrant to a London Borough who was told the first rule of Social Work is be prepared to lie as 80% of your work is backing up lies.

I expect a torrent of denials but do you know the truth always hurts but I fear we are still a number of years away from realising this nationally.

Dr manhattan - August 10, 2017 at 12:55pm

i couldnt agree more Nick, well said.

Dr manhattan - August 10, 2017 at 2:25pm

is your name Nick Thomas-Webstet or webster ?

Rifat - August 11, 2017 at 12:38pm

I am so much agree with nick. I am one the victim of socail services. I am somehow devastated how they tricked me to break my family without any evidence, and because court is too hury to give them what they want so children services are bothered to do anything with public. I have got all the paperwork from court which states lies upon lies to protect socail services. Now when I ask Socail services says we didn’t write this court did, when ask court they say Local authority recommended this, where to go for justice when Top to Bottom public bodies are supporting each other. My children and myself have been damaged by local authority. So it is true to protect their own future children services are breaking law without any fear.

Dr manhattan - August 11, 2017 at 12:56pm

join the club Rifat.
many of the people who come on here have been there and fell victim to it as you have.
its a rotten corrupt system but there are too many educated suits protecting it because they are making a fortune from it. they simply rubbish what the victims are saying and paint the picture everything is just fine, nothing to report.

RT HON B.MELITTA - August 12, 2017 at 2:32pm

I agree , most of the children should not be in care at all , most of them came under fabricated false accusations , to misuse public funding’s when no need
A mother was mistaken for someone else ,she was arrested ,child was with a family friend ,then replace by police with family member , only when mother was then on bail as she could not be identified as the criminal subject ,she had 3 days to produce her passport as diving licence was accepted by the UK but not to opponent ,she was stranded as no monies ,no phone ,no one to pick her up ,voluntary she walk into the police station asking for help only this help came in a form of being rearrested taken her child under a false name , away from family , and as due to suspected extradition case police was adamant she is on the next plane ,that gives them the misuse of the PPO using the term LEAVING A VUNERABLE WHILE ON BAIL to turning the child over to the Social services who then created a case of subjected neglect ,based on prejudice towards discrimination and Judge [name removed] is supporting this misconduct ,Mother has no support of any legal representation ,brave as she is dealing with it single handed ,thought Social services are treating her like a prisoner ,contacts to be weaned away from child , mother has to be in a room behind close doors , before child is brought in , no food allowed only eating on fully display in open reception area
meantime child is placed in a project school by social services ,catered for Autism when child has no autism at all , the child was /is brought up in a very cultured ,with etiquette , private tutors ,private medical ,etc. surroundings in a little village ,where everyone knows everyone and be honest the Mother has a very good reputations a real Lady ,my sister as in website link supporting the human rights ,
the child is well loved and many witness statements was produced yet all ignored by the Authorities ,
(*comment moderated)

Dr manhattan - August 10, 2017 at 12:53pm

“the Local Government Association (LGA) suggests this could be the result of a significant increase in the number of children in need of protection over the last decade.”
Mr Watts has not got a clue whats going on within Local Authorities who clearly stir up this nonsense because they need to feed the Fostering and Adoption Agency network which is now so big they need a lot more money to pay staff wages. thats whats really going on. and they are looking to dupe the the Govt into footing the bill.
they should tell them to go do one.

“they claim that the government has cut money for the Early Intervention Grant (EIG) by nearly £500 million since 2013.”
So what on Earth have they been doing with all that Money as most parents have had no such Early intervention at all. the SS simply came in and removed the children based mainly on the risk of future harm even when the parents have no Police record or Drug/Alcohol abuse history.
Forced Adoption & Fostering Fraud. thats whats really going on MR Watts!

E - August 15, 2017 at 8:54am

[Name removed] Children Services even blamed me in inherited Holocaust trauma! Antisemitic ” diagnose” Just to keep my son in foster care
(*Comment moderated)

Dr manhattan - August 15, 2017 at 7:23pm

they will use just about any excuse they can find to pin something on parents to give them the upper hand in the courts.
its ironic what you say about Trauma from the Holocaust.
childrens services are rounding up thousands of children every year.
We now have a new Holocaust known as Child Protection and the UK are one of the worst imaginable.
(*Comment moderated)

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