Retired postman builds museum to late wife


A retired postman in Mississippi has built his own museum to commemorate his late wife.

Charles Evans lives in Starkville in the northeast of the ‘Magnolia State’ –  a small city of 24,000 and the historic seat of Mississippi State University.

He lost his wife Louise in 2011 after a remarkable 60 years together. They first met in 1949, CBS News reports.

Charles remembers:

“When you looked at her it was like electrical shock. I guess it’s love.”

After Louise passed away he decided that a regular gravestone would not be enough. Inspired by a local reputation for eye-catching lawn ornaments, Charles decided to build a museum to his lost spouse in his own backyard.

He filled an outbuilding behind his home with mementos of their life together, including the shoeshine stand where she worked when he first met her all those years ago. He has brought in the records the couple loved dancing to and covered the walls of the museum with photos of the couple’s decades together.

Whitehaired Charles explained:

“I guess I’m trying to relive our life, wouldn’t you think? I don’t know, it’s so hard to explain, you know. But it’s not a suffering memory. It’s a beautiful memory.”

The modest backyard museum has attracted hundreds of visitors from countries as far away as India. Sometimes they take Charles out for a drive around his neighbourhood and sometimes he dances with them.

The former mailman says she delighted that so many understand the unspoken message of his museum, CBS reports.

Photo of Starkville, Mississippi, by Natalie Maynor via Wikipedia under a Creative Commons licence

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