Swiss Parliament to consider four weeks’ paternity leave

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An initiative which would award four weeks’ paternity leave to Swiss fathers has been lodged with the country’s parliament.

Entitled in translation ‘For reasonable paternity leave – in favour of all the family’, the initiative was developed by four organisations: feminist group Alliance F, men’s group mä, employment group Travail Suisse and family organisation Pro Familia Suisse.

Under the proposed legislation, Swiss fathers would become entitled to 20 days per year of paid paternity leave.

The initiative attracted widespread public support, receiving 100,000 signatures well within the deadline required by the country’s public voting system.

In order to become law, the plan would, however, need to pass a further public vote. It would also need to overcome the scepticism of many Swiss MPs who have voted against similar initiatives more than 30 times.

Currently new fathers have no entitlement to paternity leave at all in Switzerland, although most are granted one day off work. Swiss mothers, by contrast, are entitled to 14 weeks.

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