Singapore couple face expensive divorce in Canada

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A couple born and raised in Singapore have begun divorce proceedings in Canada which involves assets of around C$50 million (£29.67 million).

The pair met in their home country in 1984 while they were both still married to other people. By 1997, they had divorced their previous spouses, married and had a child of their own. Six years after that, they relocated to Canada and had a second child shortly afterwards.

However, this week a Canadian court heard that the husband, a doctor, had found it “more practical and lucrative for him to continue his medical practice in Singapore” while his family lived in Canada. He would visit them regularly while they “enjoyed the many benefits of Canadian society” such as their youngest child’s education.

Over the years, the family acquired several pieces of real estate in Vancouver, British Columbia, as well as a ski chalet and a ranch. They also owned five properties in Singapore as well as the unit where his medical practice was based. Altogether “the estimated value of these properties is C$50 million”, Justice Fitzpatrick explained.

The wife launched proceedings in Canada, seeking a ‘parenting order’ in her favour, child and spousal maintenance and a share in the properties the family owns. A parenting order is a court ruling on who a child should live with.

Meanwhile, her husband “is adamant that the family issues should be resolved in Singapore”, the Canadian judge said.

The case continues.

Photo of Vancouver by Magnus Larsson via Flickr under a Creative Commons licence.

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