Government announces judicial pay review

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The details of a large-scale review of judge’s pay have been announced by the government.

According to the Senior Salaries Review Body, the review will examine the current pay structure and the link between rates of pay and particular judicial roles. Also set to fall under the spotlight are financial incentives for “judicial leadership” and the role of salary in the recruitment of new judges as well as the retention of current ones.

An extensive consultation with all existing members of the judiciary will be conducted in early autumn.

The consultation was announced in a formal letter from Sharon Witherspoon, chair of the Senior Salaries Review Board Judicial Sub-Committee

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Paul - June 21, 2017 at 10:49am

What is the going rate for a judge ? What are pay conditions like ? An what hours do they work? Be very interested to know. Is ‘austerity’ finally going to take effect further up the food chain ?

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