Los Angeles woman goes missing with her children

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A Los Angeles woman has disappeared with her three children.

Police believe Crystal Juarez, 28, may have taken her two daughter and one son to Mexico. She has relatives in the northern city of Tijuana, a mere 6km from the border with the United States.

The children’s father, meanwhile, lives in city of San Fernando, on the edge of Los Angeles. He has full custody of the children for unspecified reasons, with the mother only visiting at weekends.

The mother and children vanished at the end of last week and the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) subsequently put out a media release with identifying details. The former couple’s three children are ten, seven and six years of age.

Anyone with information was urged to contact the the LAPD Van Nuys Division. The Van Nuys district is north of the more famous Beverly Hills and Bel Air.

Photo of San Fernando by William Garrett via  Flickr under a Creative Commons licence

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