Scotland to review its care system

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Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced the launch of an independent review to look into the care system north of the border.

At a special event for care leavers, Sturgeon explained that the new review would examine the entire structure of the Scottish system, including the relevant legislation and the first-hand experiences of the children and young people involved.

The Scottish National Party leader said the results would be used to formulate a series of recommendations for significant reform. She hoped, she continued, that the wellbeing of ‘looked after’ children would become the key focus.

“…we know that there are still many challenges facing young people in care and that their opportunities are all too often not the same as other young people in Scotland. The care system must and can do better by our most vulnerable children and young people. They need to know they are loved and feel cared for – this review is not about determining if this can be achieved, but how we create a system that puts love for the children it cares for at its heart.”

The review will be chaired by experienced charity chief executive Fiona Duncan. Other members of the review group include representatives of the Police, charities and local authorities, along with no less than five individuals who grew up in the care system.

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Sharon - June 1, 2017 at 2:33pm

How many reviews are needed? The National Confidential Forum are set up almost like a review, Who Cares? Scotland are reviewing and the abuse enquiry, now this!!

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