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A £1 million pound grant from a  youth charity set up by the government will be devoted to projects designed to counter social isolation and loneliness.

Step Up To Service works to promote community involvement and volunteering amongst young people. The funding, from its #iwill Fund, will go to another charity, the Co-op Foundation. Inspired the donation, the Co-op has agreed to match the donation with an additional £1 million.

The fund will be used for a range of schemes that will not only benefit the more vulnerable sectors of the surrounding communities – for example refugees – but which will also help combat loneliness amongst the participating young people themselves by helping to make new friends as well as to develop useful life skills.

The Co-op Foundations Jim Cooke said:

“Young people are incredibly community-minded, and the majority want to get more involved in local life. But particularly in less affluent parts of the country, there aren’t enough high-quality youth social action opportunities available.”

The money would help develop “a new generation of involved and active citizens” he explained.

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