Jilted Indian woman kidnaps groom at gunpoint


An Indian groom has reportedly been abducted at gunpoint by his former girlfriend.

The alleged kidnapping happened earlier this week in the small town of Maudaha, in the populous northern state of Uttar Pradesh.

The now missing husband-to-be worked as a ‘compounder’ (a pharmacist who mixes their own medicines) at a doctor’s clinic, and had become involved in an intense relationship with a co-worker. But then his family pressured him into an arranged marriage with another woman in a nearby village.

To accomdate to parents’ demands, he cut off contact with his girlfriend, refusing to respond to her phone calls, texts or Whatsapp messages.

Eventually she learned what happened and accosted him mid-wedding ceremony  with a revolver according to local media reports. Speaking in Hindi, the determined young woman declared before the shocked guests:

“Pyaar humse kiya aur shaadi kisi aur se karoge? Yeh hum bardaasht nahi karenge.” (Love me and marry someone else? We will not tolerate this).

She promptly grabbed her boyfriend by his collar, dragged him into a waiting car and sped away.

According to The Times, Maudaha residents were “agog” at the kidnapping.

But the local police chief said he was very sceptical that the event had occurred as reported and believed the entire event had been staged by the lovers to escape the arranged marriage.

How can a woman kidnap a grown man in front of so many people? Nobody tried to stop them or save the groom. In reality, the man willingly went away with the girl,” he insisted.

At the time of writing the would-be groom’s whereabouts remain unknown.

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